Notársky úrad
JUDr. Zuzana Grófiková
Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava
tel.: 02/43 63 42 04, -05, -06
fax: 02/43 41 29 04

We provide services in the following fields

A) Services provided during office hours:
- authentication of signatures
- authentication of copies

We also provide authentication of copies written in English, German and Spanish.

B) Services by appointments (via telephone, e-mail or personally)

Business Agenda
The setting up of companies and any changes to it, termination and dissolutions of companies with/without liquidation and other related legal acts.
Notarial records of General Meetings (also directly at the company offices).

Real Estates
All types of documents connected with real estates – contract of sale, deed of gift, deed of partition, deed of prescription.

Loan agreements
Deed of mortgage, contract for the grant/cancellation of an easement, contract of suretyship, acknowledgement of debt, declaration of the debtor's distrain of his or her property to the creditor because of default in payment.

Notarial deposit of money, e.g. the amount of money which will be paid to the vendor after the entry in the Land Register.

We offer legal service in Spanish, German and English.